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About Birth Injuries

Birth Injury Lawyer in Long Island

Nothing is more tragic and heartbreaking than having your baby suffer an injury due to medical malpractice. Sadly, these accidents do occur, and your child may require a lifetime of medical care after such an injury, such as cases of cerebral palsy, facial paralysis, brachial palsy, brain damage or fractures. Dealing with the emotional upheaval and loss in such a case can be overwhelming. It may not seem like you can face dealing with the legal issues in your case. However, it is crucial to you and the future of your child that you immediately contact a Long Island personal injury attorney.

With the assistance of a skilled personal injury lawyer from Jacoby & Jacoby, you can help others in the future avoid this terrible situation. If you have been offered a monetary settlement in your case and do not have an attorney, it is critical that you contact the firm prior to signing any forms, released or accepting a settlement. In some cases, individuals have accepted settlements that were far too low considering the damages that have occurred. Legal representation in birth injury cases is very important, and an attorney from Jacoby & Jacoby would like to discuss your case with you.

The legal team at Jacoby & Jacoby is dedicated to assisting those who have suffered this terrible and traumatizing event. Dealing with birth accidents is frightening and difficult, and it can be helpful to have legal counsel to advise you on how to move forward. These cases also provide a form of justice, however inadequate it may seem in light of the injuries suffered. There really is no monetary price for having your child suffer an injury. However, this is what the legal system offers and it can be of help in paying for medical care, both now and in the future.

Medical science has progressed in many ways. However, there are still some injuries for which there is no cure, and only the option of helping an individual to have the best possible quality of life after such an injury. There is also the aspect of protecting future parents and children by the legal actions you take against the negligent medical personnel involved. It is crucial that you contact Jacoby & Jacoby to discuss your birth injury case as soon as possible.

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